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Freedom Rx LLC assists families and individuals in receiving their brand-name prescription medications directly from pharmaceutical manufactures with available prescription patient assistance programs.  We also provide a free discount card for generic medications that are not available in the program.

Please understand this is for medications that are taken on a regular basis'.  This program will not help with medications should as antibiotics.  However, we offer a free prescription savings card that will assist with medications that are not offered in this program.

Freedom Rx's Role

    How It Works  

            You will be assigned to a prescription advocate who will verify that you meet program qualifications and enroll you into our program for a low, monthly fee.  Your prescription advocate will then match your brand-name medications with the participating assistance programs and confirm your current prescriptions with your physician(s). 

            After receiving signed assistance applications and prescription forms from your doctor, your prescription advocate will submit them to the appropriate pharmaceutical companies.  We will maintain contact with you throughout the prescription assistance application and approval process.  

            Once your application has been approved your prescription advocate will verify receipt of medication from the appropriate pharmaceutical company.  Your medications will be refilled by your prescription advocate automatically.  You will never have to worry about refills.  We will continue to work on your behalf throughout your enrollment.  

How To Qualify

To qualify for our program you must:
~Be a U.S. resident
~Have no insurance coverage for outpatient prescription drugs or spend more
  than $600 yearly on medications. 
~Meet the income requirements*

If you qualify you can be enrolled immediately and receive your prescription medications within 4-6 weeks **

Available Plans

Plan 1 (for up to 3 medications) $55.00***
Plan 2 (for up 6 medications) $85.00***
Plan 3 (for 7+ medications) $115.00***


*Typically 250% of poverty guidelines. However, income requirements vary by
  manufacture. (Ranging from equal or less than $27,925, for an individual to $70,000, for  
   a family of four).
**All time frames are approximate. Time frames vary based on a variety of factors to
    include but not limited to: client providing needed documents, doctor confirming
    medication in a timely manner, and the time of year.
*** A onetime enrollment of $20 will be applied to your first month’s bill.